With the information on this web site we don’t intend to replace regular medical treatment. When disorders or diseases are being mentioned, we don’t mean to say that the Energy is the healing medicine, but we do mean to say that there is a possibility of healing or improvement, as the energy levels of the Energy match the energy flow.

Mark and I came to prepare these Cosmic&Flower Remedies from our hearts, to support us and humanity in this era of inner chaos during the transformation process to spiritual consciousness and finding the Divine Core which everyone has within.

Mark and I agreed that we only want to work from our highest purity level and even refine this because we know that we are guided by Divine Light powers.

The Cosmic&Flower Remedies aren’t categorized among the medical regulations, but among the food regulations. This means that illnesses and diseases, even suggestions that an energetic drug is a curing drug, can’t be mentioned. This information isn’t mentioned by us anymore. During the Cosmic&Flower Energies workshops we go more deeply into disturbances of the chakras, because all physical and mental diseases can be traced back to disturbances of the energetic continuum. This point of view is worldwide acknowledged by many different therapies.

The energetic Continuum describes in this folder the Light bodies (matrix or aura layers), the chakras, the meridians en the Ka- light channels with the accompanying light points that are responsible for the well-being of the most tangible layer, the physical body!

The effects of the Energies:

We support the vision that personality is formed by thoughts, acts and habits, that are based on emotions and feelings from the Aquarius-era like for instance, fears, inner unrest, insecurity and loneliness.

This works as follows: The unconscious part of our being, where still stimulating forces come from, that determine our behavior and feelings for a certain amount, can, together with our consciousness, influence our thoughts, the pattern of our energetic continuum. Negative or suppressed emotions have a damaging effect on the physical body. This is because toxins (poisons) via the Light bodies, by the chakras and via the meridians and Ka-light bodies, with the accompanying organs and the endocrine system, are stored in our body cells. There forms a imbalance. The cosmic energy can’t go inside and the used energy can’t flow out our physical body, with as a result complaints or illnesses in the material body.

The high combination of light vibrations from the Cosmic&Flower Remedies decode and code all levels of the fine-material Light bodies and the current genetic structure. This works as follows:

Phase 1: The Cosmic&Flower Remedies activate an alchemic reaction. By taking the present Light vibrations of the Energies, these resonate via the cell core through the energy system. Gradually the meridians, Ka- Light channels, chakras and Light bodies, which influence the, with them associated cells, become impregnated with the stored Light vibrations from the Energies. The decoding is activated.

Phase 2: By recognition of not dealt and karmic anchored experiences and by learning to give a place to the, with them associated thought-patterns, and let go hereof, there develops a purified flow and a cooperation of the energy-channels, chakras, subchakras and the Light bodies mutually. Then there’s a transformation in the consciousness and also the molecular working of the cells is re-activated, because one is cellular purified. From here the self-curing ability will come into force and one can follow the life-path, with the belonging challenges, from the inner strengths. This way physical complaints can be improved or even eliminated.

Phase 3: From a pure, firm flow through the energetic continuum and the restored inner peace and strength, the Light vibrations from the Cosmic&Flower Remedies can anchor themselves in the Light bodies. This way it can be prevented that one falls back into old patterns and the belonging symptoms.

Phase 4: From the activated consciousness one becomes perceptive again to integrate Higher conscious frequencies and one can tune in to the collective transformation process (the Ascension process). This way one can transform to the final goal, which is called the God-Christ-Mohammed or Buddha consciousness, peace be up on them.

Phase 5: Gradually fine material fields recover, platonic bodies, which should be in and around the physical body (and where old alchemists like Pythagoras knew of). These are Geometric, electromagnetic energy-fields, like the Star-Tetraeder field. Finally one will be able to connect again with the power of an energy field, the Mer-Ka-Ba. The word Mer refers to a light frequency that was only known during the Egypt 18th Dynasty. Ka means the individual Spirit or the Divine Double of the physical body. Ba refers to the interpretation of the specific reality of the Mind. From the Mer-Ka- Ba one can create his mastery. In the workshops that Mark and I give, there is more attention given to the Sacred Geometry.

The Cosmic&Flower Energies represent energetic vibrations, the “blueprint” of the prepared flowers, gems and/or crystals. A special added value is that we may commit cosmic vibrations and certain aspects. Coming from rare planet positions in combination with delicate Light frequencies like energies of Light-elementals, Angels, Cosmic light beings and Ascended Masters and Lady Masters.

Because these Energies seem like new, we want to explain this briefly.

Basically humanity works together since the beginning of its origin with these, for many still invisible, energies. As a child one learns that there are elves and gnomes, nature beings that live in the elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. In the free-schools, like the Rudolf Steiner Schools, this is thought to children.

Light-Elementals are ethereal Nature spirits, servants of the Light, who help the Earth to survive so that she can be a school for the evolution process of the incarnated Souls here on Mother Earth.

Also one learns young that there is an Angel world, that protects us and who you can ask for help.

These Angles and Higher evolved Deva’s are Divine protectors and helpers, who are, amongst other things intermediary between the Divine Source and humanity. Their responsibility concerns various dedicated tasks.

Pleas from the hearth touch also other Soul creatures. These Light beings have abilities which humanity now, during the collective evolution process, can learn, if one wants this from the deepness of his inner being. These Light beings are:

Ascended Masters and Lady Masters are Souls that lived many lives here on Earth. Some know them as Jesus, Mary (mother of Jesus) Francis of Assisi or Joan of Arc, peace be up on them, etc. Many pray to them and address their qualities.

These Master Souls have gained a form of Enlightenment that mostly isn’t comprehensible for the human intellect. They have learned to achieve the Divine in themselves by overcoming their emotions. They have learned to overcome time and space, by creating Mastery over their physical and ethereal astral bodies. These master teachers work together with the named light forces with as a goal to support humanity in the transformation process towards mastery.

They make contacts here on Earth to teach the ones who want to be taught from the deepest of their hearts. They want to help humanity remember the lessons that amongst others Jesus, Mohammed, Guatma Buddha, Krishna, Babaji and Yogananda, peace be up on them, gave here on Earth, so that man can remember who he really is.

When man wants his personality to be increased, these Light beings are there to give their aspects and qualities as soon as someone is ready for that. Every Master and Lady Master has certain qualities, an individual identity where we as humans can identify ourselves with, when we want. Many that cannot see the Masters and Lady Masters yet, may feel them energetically via their Light bodies (aura layers) and recognize the virtues that are needed to be developed in their own personality. The person, by whom these Master qualities manifest, shall reflect these specific qualities.

Even though one doesn’t realize the whole process completely, one can rely on the fact that after solving the blockade, for which a Cosmic&Flower Energy was chosen, the Light frequencies of the Master qualities will awake, to own potential qualities.

Qualities that clear the way for spiritual- and Soul enlightenment, or the Ascension process. Information about these specific aspects and qualities you can find on Cormael.com of Lia Güven.

That’s why our Energies could be described as a way of spiritual or energetic healing. We use pure spring water as a foundation. Research of various kinds has proved that water is capable of storing vibration information. The frequences that are “captured” inside a Energy are being stored by the physical body when using a Energy.

This works as follows: a Energy resonates with the cell nucleus through the energy system when using it. Gradually the light bodies, aura bodies and their corresponding colours, the chakras, the energy points and energy channels, which influence the functioning of the cells associated with them, are being impregnated with the Energy. The Cosmic&Flower Energies influence all levels of our energetic being, of which our physical body is their final destination.

In a nutshell: We could be experiencing negative emotions such as loneliness, inner restlessness, fear, etc. The subconscious part of our being, which is the driving force that determines our behaviour and feelings in a certain way, is capable of influencing the pattern of our energetic flow from the lower mind, together with our thoughts. Negative or suppressed emotions have an effect on our physical body, because toxins are being stored in our body cells through the ethereal flow inside the meridians, together with the corresponding organs and the endocrine system, the12 inner centres and other ka-channels and energy points. Disharmony develops. Cosmic energy cannot enter, and used energy cannot leave our physical body. The consequence is a homeostatic interactive syndrom, followed by physical complaints, for instance diseases of our elemental body.

Practically speaking our Energies purify our psyche, the human mind, by letting us experience our emotions once more, supported by the Energies, and through which related thought patterns are being distinguished. This results in the conversion of the relevant energies. Our spiritual being and inner dynamos are being transformed, our own self-healing energy becomes effective again, because we have cellularly been cleared from blocking emotions. Spiritual healing means that every body cell is tuned to a Divine Awareness, which is present in every cell we have. The result is an equal cooperation between chakras, sub chakras and energy layers. Molecular functioning of our cells is reactivated, because fine material energies inside our energetic continuity are being transformed to our cells again. In this way improvement or sometimes even elimination of physical complaints becomes possible.

Whatever the intangible, almost magical power of our Energies may be, it is clear to us that healing is linked to the Spirit of Life itself, which manifests himself to people searching for help. Our Energies can be helpful to mankind in his Soul Battle during transformation processes by clearing blockades and finding his own Divine Core. The Energies have a supporting function, but the actual work should be done by every human being him or herself, again and again every day!

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