Cosmic&Flower Remedies is a registered trademark existing of healing energies of high energetic value, marketed by apothecary Hahnemann, a homeopathic factory in the Netherlands.

The total remedy line is totally based on the healing and purifying Ascension process of Aquarius man, Mother Earth and the Animal World.

The Energies are a beautiful addition by guiding New Age children. The New Age children are familiar with the high frequencies the Energies have. They heal en support several physical complains as ADHD, autism and other fundamentally complains from the higher conscious that New Age children experience.

Cosmic&Flower Remedies primarily aim to resolve disturbances on a deeper level and disrupted energy flow in the chakra-system and the etheric bodies and the consequences thereof. Thoughts, actions and habits, often based on emotions and feelings from the Pisces period are creating a personality. Secondly the Energies support healing and integration of the high frequency from the Aquarius Era. The healing takes place from the inside out through the spiritual bodies, mental, emotional and physical body. They aim to heal mankind from disease and support spiritual development.

The Energies support relief workers, therapist and healers during their therapy sessions in order to help mankind in its Battle of the Soul within the Ascension and transformation processes. Besides that, they give support in this whole transformation process. They support psychological processes and bring relief of physical complaints/ailments, which are the direct consequence of changes in the energetic field and genetic structure, the DNA. The Energies can be used to transform this process, so that old frequencies are being purified on a cellular level. This means that you are becoming more receptive to higher refined electron frequencies from the Aquarius Era, which in the end will make you more aware of perceptions that lead to wholeness starting from the Christ awareness. The awakening of the God-Christ-Mohammed, Gautama Buddha conscious peace be up on them, is a important aspect of healing!

The energies stimulate and activate the pituitary and pineal gland, so that it is possible for ancient knowledge hidden in the deepest of our cell memory to be released again, so that man can use this important primeval knowledge. One example is the Holy geometry.

The Cosmic&Flower Remedies were prepared with the help of several Divine and Planetary Intelligence’s during extraordinary positions of the planets. Their higher light frequencies enable the energetic light bodies and the geometric, electromagnetic energy fields that surround man to be purified, activated and recovered if needed.

Finally man will be ready again to feel connected to the force of an energy field, called the Mer-ka-ba. This force field connects mankind with knowledge of its actual being.

On behalf of our love energy and the resonating vibrations in the Cosmic & Flower Remedies we wish you a transforming healing from your own inner power and peace.

With light and love, Donny Sternfeld


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