Working with the Cosmic&Flower Remedies in a practice

The Cosmic&Flower Remedies are being used in every disciple and support these. Every testing method can be used.

The intake of the Cosmic&Flower Remedies is known to be safe. They don’t interfere with the working of alternative- and regular medicine. Also they are not influenced by them.

The Energies can be used safely during pregnancy and breast feeding.

By the use of the Energies a transformation in the consciousness is being activated. When necessary this can resolve in going through past emotional experiences. These experiences come into the consciousness, supported by the Energies, for a short period of time. One can distinguish the process and let go of the connected thought-patterns.

It can happen that one experiences for a very short time, symptoms of diseases or old injuries that are now being purified totally. Also can one feel a pressing feeling on the places where the chakras are. This is caused by the curing energies that are working.

When this is felt as a crisis for the client/patient then we advice to take dosed energies every 5 or 10 minutes, or two drops straight from the stock-bottle. One shall experience that the process will transform within several hours.

In acute, heavy situations the Energies may be taken every 5 minutes until one feels better.

Caution: With structural emotional disturbances you should consult a doctor/ expert.

Our working method in practice:

• When we feel that a client/patient isn’t at ease, is uneasy or     closed, we immediately take intuitively an energy. This can also be tested.

• We let this Energy, via the crown-chakra sink into the fine-material body ( that flows approximately 5 to 10 cm on the outside of the body). The client/patient is immediately more at ease and more free in his feelings. From here we start to look for the Energy that is suitable to work with.

• From this Energy we put one drop on our hand palms and then we start with the energetic treatment. By this method one comes easily at the first blockade(s) which is anchored. From there we ask ( this also can be done by testing) for Energies that can make clear the deeper cause ( or core). The consciousness can’t sabotage the unconscious and subconscious layers!

Of these last chosen Energies we give a stock bottle or a 30 ml bottle with dosed Energies to take home.

During consultations Mark en I are capable of using our intuition and perceptions which have already been awoken inside us. When we feel a client is not at ease, or restless or closed off, we immediately choose a remedy intuitively, and let this remedy slowly sink into the aura, from the crown to the knees, into the fine material body, which flows 5 to 10 cm outside the body, and the patient calms down immediately and feels more free. During our treatment we put bottles on top of the body of the client/patient, and hold a drop of the remedy inside our hand-palms. The client can often feel too where the remedy works. Through these methods you will easily reach the first blockade, which is rooted in the sub-conscious. From there we will ask for remedies, which can make the deeper cause, that is the core, visible. The result is that consciousness cannot disrupt unconscious and subconscious layers anymore!

We recommend that those therapists which haven’t yet developed this kind of intuition, which is inside all of us, to test themselves in a way they think is suitable to them. It doesn’t matter which method you use. You can choose intuitively, or by means of kinesiology, use the biosensor, pendulum or verga machine, etc. Always let the chosen remedies sink into the ethereal body of the client. Pay attention to your own chakras, and feelings. Don’t be afraid to ask the client what he or she experiences during this moment, or when he or she holds a remedy, so that you can learn what the remedies mean to yourself as well as to the client/patient.

You test which remedies your client needs, how many drops your client needs to take daily. A guideline could be three times daily, and always before the night-sleep so that the remedy can work in the unconscious body. Clients can be supplied with one ore more remedies for internal use.

Dose-measuring bottles:

use a 30 ml bottle made of dark-brown glass. You can order these bottles at your local pharmacy. Fill 90% of the bottle with decarbonated spring water, and add a preservative such as alcohol, glycerine or fruit vinegar, until the bottle is full. Now add intuitively or by means of testing, 2 to 12 drops from the stock bottle. In order to achieve optimal functioning of the remedy, one should not incorporate or take more than 4 remedies in one bottle at once After you have completed this, shake well and the bottle is ready for use.

From practice:

Mainly 30 ml bottles, where one doses 1 to 4 drops from the stock bottle, or stocks are prescribed for the client/patient.

The dose bottle:

Take for this a 30 ml bottle from dark brown or blue glass with pipette fastening (both colors hold Light vibrations). One can order these through the pharmacy. Fill the empty bottle with 90% non-carbonated water and with 10 % conservative, like consumption alcohol, glycerin or fruit vinegar. Add hereto, from the stock bottle, intuitive or by testing, 1 to 4 drops. For optimal effect it is preferable not to add more than 4 energies at a time to the dose bottle, or take in. Shake well hereafter and the bottle is ready to use.

The stock bottle:

By taking an Energy strait from the stock bottle, in principle, every process can be quickened. From experience has been proofed that the effectively of taking in pure, works especially quickening with those who are on a certain level in their spiritual development.

The using advice use for both the dosed and pure Energies:

4 to 8 times daily 1 to 4 drops under the tongue. In principle there is no maximal daily dose.

For both methods applies that the effect of an Energy doesn’t increase by taking more per time, but by the constant repetition of intake.

The period of time of intake:

Recommendation of how long someone has to take an Energy is hard to say. This is individual and has to be advised by testing or intuitive. We do advice to take, with traumatic disturbances, minimal 1 to 2 months the same Energies, possibly with adding other Energies, so that the resonance of the Light frequencies can anchor in the energetic continuum.

The remedies are safe, they don’t interfere with the functioning of natural and allopathic remedies nor do they influence these. You can prescribe the Cosmic&Flower Remedies combined with allopathic remedies, homeopathic, phytotherapeutic, or orthomolecular supplements, and all sorts of energetic remedies. The Energies can be used during pregnancy or when breast feeding without any problems. By using a remedy a transformation is activated inside the consciousness, which may be expressed by the subtly reliving of emotional experiences from the past, which have been transferred to the consciousness for a short moment, so that they can be dealt with. You can also experience a not unpleasant painful or heavy feeling in the chakra spots. This is caused by active healing energies. Should you experience this to be a crisis, we recommend to take a dosed remedy every hour, or to take the remedy directly from the stock bottle.

Under acute and heavy circumstances the Energy can be taken every 5 minutes until you feel better.

Warning: See a doctor or a specialist, if structurally emotional problems should arise.

Possibility of external use:

People already taking regular medications, often prefer to use the remedies externally. For efficiency reasons we advise you here as well to take the remedy from the stock bottle. Several methods we can apply the resonance of the remedies to:

Chronicle pains, allergic reactions, eczema, head ache, injuries etc. are, around the cause of the moment, signals from the spiritual level. The physical body wants to make clear that there are 1 or more emotional blockades present.

By applying a Cosmic&Flower Remedies intuitively or tested, strait or around the disturbed skin zone, one can ease or let disappear the reaction of a signal and touch also the emotional blockade. This method works especially with children fantastic! We do want to advice that after this treatment or at a future consultation to test again if the blockade is still present. If so, than it has nestled in deeper conscious levels and is being sabotaged by the conscious. One doesn’t have the right Energy yet! And intake is advised. 

When one has the correct Energies than one can apply the following methods:

• Incorporate 6 to 10 drops in a creme, lotion, massage oil or ethereal oil.

• 2 drops in some water for making a compress, usable on painful places.

• 15 to 20 drops in the bathing water, stay in the bath tub for about 20 minutes.

• 4 drops spread on the pillow where one sleeps on.

• Just like with Homeosiniatrie (also called Homeosymatria), work the Cosmic&Flower Remedies on Acupuncture points via acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Bio-dynamics, Tui-na etc.

• With all therapies where massage oil is used like, Polarity massage, Cranio-sacral therapy, Reflexology, Osteopathy, Bowentechnique and Metamorfoses massage.

• Also one can apply a drop pure on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear.

• Also spaces one can clear by doing a chosen combination of the Energies in a little bowl, oil burner, or test tube ( for on the night table). On can also vaporize the Energies from a vaporization bottle.

Advice to those who work with animals:

With dogs, cats and other small animals put 2 to 4 times daily 2 drops from the dose bottle directly in the mouth or on a little bit of food. If this doesn’t work, or you are absent during the day, than you can put the first two weeks 4 times daily, of each chosen Energy 1 drop pure in the water tank, after that 2 times daily. With horses or other larger animals 4 times daily 2 drops dosed or 2 times 6 drops pure in a bucket of water. The sensibility of animals is much stronger than those of human; the maximal dose is for this reason 6 times daily. Do observe the behavior of your animal and write down little changes. When the behavior is stabilized we advice to use the Energy several days longer. When the bottle is empty, watch what happens when you stop the treatment. When you see a reversion than it is clear that the animal can’t do without the Energy yet.

You can continue the treatment.

Using with plants:

Also plants you can help by applying directly after planting 10 drops of Trauma Away in one liter of water. Plants can be stressed and don’t grow well because they are to close to a stereo or television set. In this case you can put 10 drops of the energy in a liter of water. In case your plants, trees, bushes are affected by fungus or vermin, you can lay several drops of healing in test tubes beside them or spray them with 10 drops per liter of water. Healing will strengthen their Light bodies, through which they become less vulnerable and can recover. Also you can give an Energy searched intuitively when you see that a plant or tree doesn’t feel “good”.

New Age Childeren:

New age children already bear a higher light frequency in and around them, which can be disturbed by impressions they get from their surroundings and by food.

These disturbances cause a disturbance between their feelings and their task here on Earth. With the for us known reactions: hypersensitive to impressions, head- or stomach aches, behavior- and learning problems, ADHD or autism and allergies that express themselves on most different levels.

The higher resonance of the Cosmic&Flower Remedies are, amongst others, for these children a familiar resonance, which is experienced immediately as protective and coming home in their own source. Moreover it activates their self-curing ability. Both from parents and from practice experiences we may receive beautiful reactions.

Also the staff Nieuwetijdskinderen (New age Children) in Holland and Belgium is familiar with the effects and results concerning our Energies. Several experiences you can read on our website.

We always let children choose their Energies themselves. They feel the tickling of the frequencies of the Energies. Many children even see the colors of the gems or the rays of the Masters and Lady Masters that were present during preparation. From many practical experiences was confirmed that children always choose the right Energy for themselves and even for their parents/caretakers.

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