Trauma Away/S.O.S.: this is a combination of 6 different Cosmic&Flower Energies, which exists of a number of preparations that contain semiprecious stones and energies from the Deva Ubrahim and other loving Light Beings.

Some flower species have been used to prepare several energies, that’s why numbers have been added.

The energy has a relaxing, protecting, mind clearing, and above all transforming effect.

It stimulates a natural state of mind in an energetic way. It has appeared that the S.O.S. not only works as a first aid energy, when used undiluted. This energy also accelerates the transformation to a higher spiritual awareness, which makes man more receptive to the higher cosmic light frequencies from the Aquarius Era.

Trauma Away/S.O.S. helps us to experience the physical complaints in a more subtle way, which were caused by the light codings for the Purifying, and by re-activating our body’s genetic structure and DNA codings.

Trauma Away/S.O.S. features:

The cosmic, energetic aspects of the energies are:

Reed 1, Phragmites australis is a protector, it soothes agony, and relieves grief, fears, or phobias (social phobias e.g.) Causes a reversal which leads to confidence. Makes you aware of your feelings, uncertainty disappears. Helps you to ground better. Rose quartz, which is an ingredient of this energy, comforts, and heals the wounds of the heart. Shows how love and gentleness can interact with your environment.

Reed 11: has problem solving power. Gives spiritual recognition that in the end gets to the physical body. Gives peace of mind by helping you to accept your thoughts and to trust the insight you gain, helps to put things into perspective. Helps to let go of stress and grief. Reed 11 shows the “Golden Road” you can walk on; gives you control of the steps of life. Fluorspar, which is an ingredient of this energy, helps us to take responsibility for our lives. Brings our mind to peace and at order.

Reed 111: Activates the Inner Light, emotional pressure decreases. Helps to raise energy disturbances; helps you to make contact with your Soul. The mental, spiritual part is being encouraged. Makes you decisive and gives self-confidence. Helps you to ground in such a way that the power from Mother Earth nourishes you through the prana tube and the feet chakras, which become more and more important. Amethyst, which is an ingredient of this energy, softens a hardened mood, and stimulates humility, love of one’s neighbour, teaches how to ask for things. Gives insight in unclear problems.

Calendula 11, Calendula gives Divine Help to protect your own source. Helps to express emotions on a stricken heart. Anger changes to understanding of another person’s intentions. Gives trust and a loving power to let the inner sun inside yourself shine. Orange Calcite, which is an ingredient of this energy, stimulates to get rid of old patterns, and helps you to open your mind to new impressions. Stimulates spiritual development, and releases energy.

Orange bekercup 11: Aleuria aurantia, gives a caring, protecting energy. When you feel you have an aimless life, suffer from panic reactions, victimized feelings and a lack of security, this energy helps you to use your intuition, gain trust and feel gratitude. Rhodochrosite, which is an ingredient of this energy, has a heartwarming effect. It releases emotional pressure, and energy disturbances; stimulates openness and spiritualization.

Shelf fungus: Trametes versicolor. Shelf fungus activates positive thinking, even with those who are on the edge of overstrain. Helps you to get rid of an unbearable external pressure. Soothes pain and gives a relaxed and peaceful feeling. Helps you in the transmutation process to get rid of all things that cause disturbances within yourself. Black Tourmaline, which is an ingredient of this energy, gives self-confidence, perseverance and joy of life. It reconciles negative forces in and around us by means of spiritual energy.

Use: Take 12 drops in a 30ml. bottle or 4 drops in a 10ml. bottle with dropglass or 2 drops in a little bit of water several times a day. In case of emergencies Trauma Away can be taken every 5 minutes until you feel more relaxed.

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