BOX IV, contains 12 stock bottles, numbers 37 to 48

Introduction 37, Lunar

The full moon of January 9th 2000 was in the sign of Capricorn. This Zodiac sign stands for the prophet, the teacher and inner protector. The High Moon frequencies, collective stimulated mankind to be free of subconscious emotional coarse material. To, at all times listen conscious to the inner voice.

During preparation Melchizedek and Archangel Michael were present. In Lunar we prepared along White Opal, Agate, Malachite and Grenade. The White Opal reflexes the truth, the inner life. Agate connects us with the Earth, the matter and the reality and helps searching for the truth.

Malachite solves suppressed emotions, increases the understanding of oneself and fellow man. It becomes a mirror of the Soul and helps with discovering our hidden Self. The prepared along strengthening affect of the Grenade shows us the way to bring physical love to the level of the heart.

  1. Lunar activates the acknowledging and acceptation of unfulfilled emotional feelings. Stimulates to break loose from confusing psychological impressions and actions from depressions or an inferiority complex. Actions where through one goes against the own evolution flow.

Recognize that experiences where necessary for the education of identity.

The energy of Michael stimulates to integrate with the Higher Self, and encourages transposing energy, that one now spends on other businesses, into energy by which one dares to go “inside”. Michael’s energy helps to join with oneself and the environment. A connection with yourself is the fastest way to Enlightenment! Stimulates to not longer hide behind feelings, work or maybe even the effects of alcohol or drugs.

Melchizedeks energy stimulates the attention of the emotional and psychological well-being, by feeling and watching oneself in a higher manner. It helps to allow oneself to discover shadow sides and accept them without judgement, so that one can transform these into qualities for the Higher Plan.

His energy motivates to change organizing qualities, feeling to responsible, the longing for justice and the longing for perfection, into a spiritual level. Melchizedeks energy motivates to apply the psychological qualities, that one gained through traumatic experiences, during assistance. Children and adolescents who know that they have an important task, but are unhappy because their ‘big spirit” is limited because of a little body. Helps them to transfer the anger and impotence that comes with this, into acceptation and patience, and confirms them in their self esteem. After anchoring the Whale Matrix- and Christconsciousness Chakras are being activated.

Introduction 38, Ascension

Already for days their was a world wide meditation to heal both Mother Earth and ourselves personally, as a preparation for the last initiation of 7 energetic accelerators that took place from January 1997. On May second 2001 the initiation took place of the Planetairy Ascension, the centre was the great piramid in Egypt. During preparation the energy of Hathor, appeared, a divine protector who’s connected to Ra, the Sun god. Her qualities are multiple, she guides and comforts Souls on the other side, out of her love energy.

Hathor supports healers and is a symbol of love, fertility and peace. In Ascension we prepared along Dandelion en Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli activates clear insights and wisdom, eases the mind and makes life’s challenges easier.

  1. Ascension is an energetic accelerator. Activates the cooperation between the left hemisphere, the male rational side and the right hemisphere, our intuitive female side. It activates the right hemisphere so that the visualizing ability becomes easier. Because of visualizing, the creative powers become active, by which visions of situations or healing processes which one forms are being accepted by the subconscious and may become reality. The energy of Hathor removes the duality, balances the female and male energies, so that there can be a connection. She stimulates our senses so that slumbering senses may also become active.

Her energy activates our brain cells that hold on to hidden qualities as memory patterns, amongst which, the Universal Love, and makes us perceptive for impulses of higher cosmic energies. This leads to an aware atmosphere, which gives insight in the original intention of our Creator, so that the Christ consciousness may develop from the heart energy. Which among other things means: empathy for all that lives and is. Insight that peace doesn’t come from the outside but from the inside. One can learn to see oneself as the Creator sees you with all His love through His eyes. By regular use of Ascension there develops a peace of Soul, that’s why the Energy can be used in terminal phases. Ascension helps to accept terminal illnesses or departing life. Hathors energy eases and guides the transition to the other side.

For children and adolescents Ascension is a familiar energy that helps them to feel at home on earth. The tensions and fears that they experience because they are not well incarnated disappears because their connection with Mother Earth and the Cosmos is being reinstalled. Ascension gives them the safe, comfort feeling of being home. After anchoring the Earth Heart Crystal- and Central Sun chakras are being activated.

Introduction 39, Insight

In the year 2001 portals were opened that integrated the chakras. From the fifth Portal, the connection of the heart with the neck-chin chakras, we prepared this Energy. The connection between these chakras is situated especially in the brain, in the back of the head. From here one gets entry to his/her Akasha memory, the memory of the Soul. Every one that is consciously raising his consciousness, will be granted to remember more from past lives. The aim for this is that one can focus on his true identity. Basic convictions, duties that are no longer necessary and accompanying ideals can now be transformed into a new identity, one that lives from the Higher Free Will , based on the Christ-Buddah consciousness. During preparation appeared Kuthumi and Hermus, the Angel of spiritual alchemy. Hermus teaches the law of the Higher Will, the Spirit and the holy law of the Trinity. In Insight we prepared along the Greater Celandine and the Snow flake Obsedean. Snowflake obsedian: shows the way to greater spiritual heights. Confronts with the truth, let see the true inner, also the shadow sides. Cleans these and brings us into reality. In Integration also the Labradoriet, that helps to learn to know the own versatile aspects and talents better, and bring into action. Strengthens the feeling ability and the intuition.

  1. Insight creates insight in the knowledge that is available. An embedded attached value of slumbering knowledge that especially ADHD-kids and adults are not able to place yet.

To transform these from subconscious to conscious, a spiritual transformation. Stimulates to efface thoughts and feelings that form the personality right now. To learn how to control the energy that has manifested itself right now in impatience, egoism, irresponsibility, immorality, depressions and feelings that burst out. The energy of Hermus activates a reconstruction or a transformation in these feelings and ways of thinking. These have come into being because the impressions from their surroundings and the society couldn’t be coped with. Stimulates an inner passion to change these in responsibility and self-expression from the Christ consciousness.

The resonance of Kuthumi awakes a hard taskmaster in themselves. Who will show them the way to the positive collection of skills in the mental and emotional Higher Self. Increases their self-confidence, gives them a safer and more self disciplined feeling. Children and adolescents get the power to understand and place the big heavy responsibility they have taken here to earth. So that they can draw the line out of inner peace and reflection. After embedding the Earthstar- and Soulstar chakras are being activated.

Introduction 40, Healing

In the year 2001 portals were opened that integrated the chakras. From the fifth Portal, the connection of the heart with the neck-chin chakras, we prepared this Energy. The connection between these chakras is situated especially in the brain in the back of the head. From here one gets entry to his/her Akasha memory, the memory of the Soul. Every one that is consciously raising his conscious will be granted to remember more from past lives. The aim for this is that one can focus on his true identity. Basic convictions, duties that are no longer necessary and accompanying ideals can now be transformed into a new identity, one that lives from the Higher Free Will, based on the Christ-Buddha consciousness. During preparation appeared Kuthumi and Hermes, the Angel of spiritual alchemy. Hermes teaches in the law of the Higher Will, the Spirit and the holy law of the Trinity. In Healing we prepared along the Greater celandine and Aquamarine. Aquamarine activates peace, compassion and understanding, by which one can come more easily to new insights.

  1. Healing brings awareness that the incarnation process and the evolution process are also Higher Self operated. It makes you understand that the individual Soul together with the individual Spirit has many experiences, diseases and characteristics build from the karmic information, to gain those characteristics and qualities, which are necessary for the purification and development of the evolution process of the Soul.

This process can be influenced all the time by our freedom in choices, our will. Choices can be influenced from karmic lessons that need to be learned. But also through influences from the outside or from the lower emotional and mental layers, if one is energetic weak. Hermes his energy protects when making descisions and choices that attract Universal law of cause and consequences, which cause again new karma and psychological emotional blockades. Kuthumi said, in his life as Pythogoras, that the energy fields surrounding a human can bring about a diversity of effects, among which also the healing of the body. His energy purifies emotionally charged forces in the subconscious and conscious. It supports to be able to make, unselfish, conscious choices and decisions from the hearth chakra and the Higher Self. So that, finally there may be a trinity, between the Soul and Spirit and the personality. Healing is a defender and reinforcement for the Light bodies and geometric energy fields surrounding the physical body. Children and adolescents are being supported by the cooperation of their intuition and their Higher Self with all the choices they are confronted with in life. Especially choices that bring about long term effects, like education, careers, and friends. Healing strengthens their Light bodies, so that they are protected for external impressions. After embedding the Dolphin Matrix- and Stargate chakras are being activated.

Introduction 41, Integration

In the year 2001 portals were opened that integrated the chakras. From the fifth Portal, the connection of the heart with the neck-chin chakras, we prepared this Energy. The connection between these chakras is situated especially in the brain, in the back of the head. From here one gets entry to his/her Akasha memory, the memory of the Soul.

Every one that is consciously raising his consciousness will be granted to remember more from past lives. The aim for this is that one can focus on his true identity. Basic convictions, duties that are no longer necessary and accompanying ideals can now be transformed into a new identity, one that lives from the Higher Free Will, based on the Christ-Buddha consciousness. During preparation appeared Kuthumi and Hermes, the Angel of spiritual alchemy. Hermes teaches the law of the Higher Will, the Spirit and the holy law of the Trinity. In Integration we prepared along the Greater Celandine and Labradorite. Labradorite, who helps to recognize multiple aspects and talents better, and apply and moreover strengthens the intuition.

  1. Integration helps to support and develop therapeutically qualities. It stimulates the inner therapist and activates a deeper analysis concerning the driving power, the motivation why one has chosen this direction. Integration helps to integrate psychological qualities with intuitive qualities, so that one doesn’t only reason out of logic and common sense, but also from ones inner knowledge. Hermes activates knowledge to recognize hidden spiritual qualities; to train them and dare to integrate in work; so that one out of his Higher Self, his heart and his Three folded Flame is able to guide humanity in their transformation- and healing process. He helps not to only study the body, but also the Soul, by which one can come in contact with the subconscious of the client. Kuthumi protects the female side and feeling responsible, by which one can sympathize, instead of feeling compassion. He stimulates to remember and to recognize that we here on Earth, not only have the cure of a personality in our hands, but also the client himself. And that, if necessary, there is help from higher intelligences.

Children and adolescents are being supported to express their knowledge, old truths, freely without fear, so that they can show others how to deal with each other and the animal kingdom. After embedding the Whale Matrix- and Christ consciousness chakras are being activated.

Introduction 42, Rose of Jericho

For weeks I had a dream in which we were preparing an Energy of something what seemed like a dried tangle. I had asked around a lot and said jokingly: then I bet it’s a dried cannabis plant! Until our family went a day to a holy garden center.

Mark came to me and told me that he had bought the Rose of Jericho because he strongly got the feeling that we should prepare a remedy of it. At first I told him that it doesn’t feel pure to prepare a remedy of a purchased plant, till I looked at it It was abundantly clear the plant of my dreams!

The Rose of Jericho, a plant that never dies. Lives without soil and only blooms when one lays it in water; even boiling water doesn’t harm it. They say that Mary gave it eternal life during her escape from Nazareth to Egypt. During preparation Ma-Ray and Sandalphon, a Kabbala- Angel of Malchut, were present. One of Sandalphons tasks is to those who are in service of helping and taking care of humanity, to help them remember their Divine connection. He hears and supports where necessary all their needs. The prepared along Sun-Moon stone helps to recognize connections. Brings light and love in our heart and feeling. Works comforting, compensating and makes more aware of feelings, as a result of what, the intuition is stimulated.

  1. Rose of Jericho supports the leaders “the light workers” among us. The philosophers who propagate their perception and are in the service of the collective conscious development. Rose of Jericho guides the development of the personal process of concerned individualism.

Supports independence during work. This is necessary so that one can concentrate on the problems of society, and take notice of this. Rose of Jericho helps to transpose the emotional energies that are released by changing the limitations of their work in acceptation. Sandalphons energy helps to balance grieve concerning the understanding that not all that one has learned is pure. Ma-Ray awakes higher energy channels to work out the influences of karma in a new cycle.

So that one can get into contact with the Planetary consciousness, which forms the foundation of all cultures and individual consciousness levels. She helps to condition this higher consciousness level so that one can gain possible insights in the future developments here on earth.

Ma-Ray activates a flow of durable creative energies, which one learns to feed oneself from the Higher Self. This activation can give a trembling, tingling sensation near the crown but this is not aggravating The Energy offers an earth bonding protection during activities guided by a Higher Plan. Children and adolescents are being helped to express why they came. Rose van Jericho helps, so that they are understood better by the “Pisces era” human in what they mean with their sayings or taken on attitude, without getting out of balance.. After embedding the Earth Heart crystal- and Central Sun chakras are being activated.

Introduction 43, Purification

The full moon of June 6th 2001 activated obviously a purification process of old frequencies, so that there could be room for spiritual qualities. Above all, this full Moon was the beginning of the release of very high codings, that became more powerful by the Sun Turn and the Moon eclipse on the 21st June 2001 and the full Moon on July fifth 2001. This activation was the beginning of a new group Cosmic people, that carry out the heart energy and really carry out the spoken word.

During preparation Master Elia, of the Galactic Federation, was present. His task is, amongst others, being watchful that the Light and the Mer Ka Ba aren’t being interpreted wrongly. In Purification we prepared along the Herkimer Diamond with his Geometric lines, that one can compare with the Icosaeder. The Icosaeder is one of the geometric forms of energy fields that one can experience when one has reached a higher conscious level. The Herkimer Diamond activates clarity and strengthens the feeling of self-respect. It promotes courage, strength and trust to start once more.

  1. Purification possesses a primal power, a love vibration which stimulates to purify the personality structure. Gives strength to deviate struck principles. Brings in contact with the feeling and the intuition, so that one can give old inner conflicts forever a place in love.

Purification transforms emotions like not be able to get out of life what gives real satisfaction, for instance in the family, relations or career. The lack of a final task, the feeling of loneliness, not being understood, being alone etc. This primal power gives the strength to yield mental disciple. To rearrange life and take on tasks. To focus on a target out of own purification and in peace. The energy of Elia ends events, which one attracts unconsciously or which develop by influence of thoughts that want to rule fears and situations. Shows that one has a choice, the freedom and the opportunity to broaden one’s horizons. That it is important to consider oneself as the central person, but without ego. Elia stimulates the inner insight and intuition to contact personal and spiritual qualities. He activates qualities like subtle communication and helps showing out a pure view, also in social or New Age projects. Purification carries a Higher Light- and Love vibration than we know. That’s why it also activates insight in personalities who close off spiritual visions because of disappointments or other reasons. It lets them recognize that we collective, by adding each other in our own unique nature have to pick up tasks for a Higher cause. With them too, the divine drive may become recognizable and things will fall in their places. Children and adolescents are still very tight connected with the High Light- Love vibration from the dimension they came from. This causes a loss, an inner grieve. Purification gives them a familiar and safe feeling, equal to their primal power. This is a beautiful Energy for insecure children and to welcome newborns. After embedding the Hollow Earth Matrix and Galactic portal Chakras are being activated.

Introduction 44, Sun Turn

The Sun turn on June 21st 2001 was very special because it coincided with an eclipse of the sun that day. This process rarely happens! Moreover the frequencies of the Sun Turn reinforced the opening of the sixth portal, which connected the Heart chakra with the epiphysis, by which more of the Soul plan can be revealed. When one is ready for this, these frequencies activate clear seeing and/or clear hearing. During preparation Dwahl Khul was present, he supports, amongst others, humanity to examine their selves intensively and gives them the insight that it is their Divine claim to win oneself back. The Angel Muriel who helps to see the truth, to speak and to arrange life to that, accompanied Dwahl Kuhl. In Sun Turn we prepared along the Impatiens and Citrine. Citrine gives protection, the feeling of trust and security. It helps to achieve the purpose in life and conquer difficulties, by which one can recognize life’s path and accept it.

  1. Sun Turn is a protection for the Higher Self. This Energy requests urgently to investigate profound inner needs, and to drastically reorient oneself concerning the own source. Helps to detach genetic urge from earthly addictions, with as a purpose recognition and understanding of reflexive situations and challenges during life. To see that these situations, again and again give a chance to turn in a certain direction for development. Muriel supports to be pure in the entire being, inner stable, loyal to oneself and someone else. To stand up for oneself with healthy urge and to express oneself. Stimulates to dare to say no, without feeling senses of guilt. Muriel helps to don’t cross your borders and protects not to join groupings to be accepted. The energy of Dwahl Khul shows you when there is a manipulating abuse of your kindness.

He supports and encourages quitting practices that are contrary to the feeling. He helps to recognize what’s the essence of disturbances in relationships in which one cannot be oneself. His energy encourages being open and pure and creating contact with the inner wisdom. So that one sees that one’s valuable, and can and may be here on Earth the way one is.

Sun Turn 2001 creates a magic protective shield of cosmic energies around you and protects against influences from the outside. Children and adolescents are being protected from impressions that enter them which are pieces from their parents, so that they can develop themselves out of a free feeling for their own task. Sun Turn supports, guides and protects during the pubertal phase. Our adolescents who end up in groups or practises out of insecurity, that harm their development, because they do not dare to be themselves! After embedding the Earthstar- and Soulstar chakras are being activated. 

Introduction 45, Eclipse 2001

During an Eclipse the magnetic power of the Sun and the Moon is strong enough to open temporarely the protective shield of the Earth. Because of this men can recieve direktly Cosmic energies of the constellation behind the conjuction of the Sun and the Moon. The Universe wants to lead men with this Eclipse, to inner harmony and harmonic contact with another. Because of the high frequencies of this eclipse on June 21st 2001 it became possible to be open for the flow of primal knowledge and to use this for the activation of the Christconsciousness.

During preparation our Planetary friends, Ambassadors of the Pleiads, Alceo, Sabatin and Ra were present. In Eclipse 2001 we prepared along the Lady’s Mantle, Red Jasper and Smoke quarts. Red Jasper neutralizes strong feelings like hate, jealousy and anger. It gives rest in thoughts and strenghtens to be yourself and the creative expression out of an earthbounding. Smoke quarts challenges to be responsible for life and to replace negative thoughts with a positive behaviour.

  1. Eclipse 2001 activates a self-confrontation. It stimulates to detach from habits and visions that restrict by which there comes space for the flow of primal knowledge concerning the own Higher Self. It brings inner agitation and chaotic thoughts to rest. Eclipse 2001 leads to thoughts without judgment or insults, with respect towards oneself and someone else. It activates the heart energy and an open heart towards persons that challenge us. It helps to discover how one can come in harmony with oneself and someone else and stimulates to express emotions without getting oneself or the surroundings out of balance. Eclipse 2001 helps to get relationships into balance and to keep them. The energy of Alceo, Sabatin and Ra stimulates to see that’s important to change collectively. Their energy shows the importance of working together and to understand that many meetings are mirrors or old familiar Souls. They activate the pituitary cells to grow back into their original state, so that one may come into contact again with the intellectual and spiritual brain parts. The activation of the pituitary means that the insight and the power of discernment are being recognized more consciously by which one, as it were, can meet the Divine self and recognizes spiritual impulses from the sub consciousness, the primal plan.

One learns to release oneself and to once more balance the energy, and use this energy for spiritual purposes. Children and adolescents stay in their strength with their own source and their primal knowledge whenever they are harassed of challenged in a discusion that thrives them away from their self confidence and self-love. Eclipse 2001 helps them to stay in contact with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. After embedding the Dolphin Matrix and Stargate chakras are being activated. 

Introduction 46, Mary Thistle

The full Moon of 05-07- 2001 activated together with the planetary constellations, high frequencies that gave the possibilities to transform, and let go of insecurity, deceit and deception’s. During “feeling” the Energy, Ger Hegger (local healer) got images, he saw for instance the number 666. According to the Order of Melchizedek this is the code combination which becomes activated by some in the DNA during the Ascension process. The code 666 is the material world, the hard physical third dimensional reality of learning. Mary Thistle is obviously an Energy for persons who (have) experienced life here like learning the hard way.

During preparation Lady Master Lady Rowena was present. In one of her lives she experienced pains, originated from power, impotence and injustice. Because of this she learned to know her inner Divine power, that freed her for her further development. Her Soul-connection one recognizes in personalities like Anne Frank and Princes Diana.

Moreover appeared Angel Tabris, he guides amongst others the free will. In Mary Thistle we prepared along the Pink Coral and Mary Thistles. Pink Coral brings purity and harmony in the heart and learns to control life with joy, acknowledge oneself and to accept. It activates self-love and helps to pass this love on to others.

  1. Mary Thistle helps the inner badly hurt child, to enjoy life again. It stimulates to convert anger, impotence, confusing thoughts and the loss of trust in humanity, into a positive (self)-image.

Mary Thistle activates the strength of mind to let go of all heavy traumatic experiences and contradictory feelings. It helps to understand that all one has experienced yet again was necessary for the development of the Soul. Mary Thistle activates powers, which show that one is indestructible and that now there’s offered a second chance. Tabris’ energy activates the will to speak to oneself in a disciplined way, so that one doesn’t allow blocking thoughts to take over. The energy of Lady Rowena activates the frequency of the Heart- and Thymus chakra so that one can first love oneself. She activates the Throat- and Neck-Chin chakra so that one isn’t strangled anymore by not discussed emotions and all impressions and thoughts are purified a last time, before these reach the higher chakras. So that one can point out clearly one’s borders and lays a power behind words.

She stimulates a turn about in life, frees the lower mind, the thoughts by turning them towards the Light. She opens channels that make a connection with the strengths of mind to receive higher insights and more intense perceptions. After a certain period one notices relaxed that life becomes much lighter and that one is ready out of his Divine power for receiving and giving love, to trust humanity and oneself again, by which one can transform eventually with the purpose of the Higher plan, the Christ consciousness. For children and adolescents Mary Thistle can be well combined with Insight for the healing of, for instance, ADHD and behaviour disorders. The along prepared strengthening effect of the Pink Coral: brings purity and harmony in our heart. Teaches us to control our life with joy, to recognize and accept ourselves. To practice us in love for ourselves, to pass that love on to others. After embedding the Earthstar- and Soulstar chakras are being activated.

Introduction 47, Inner Source

Together with Mark I strongly felt the need of preparing an Energy at the Megalithic tombs. During our presence we felt and understood why. Old vibrations from the qualities of the Huyen-people (giants) were still perceptive. We felt their well-thought-out creative and constructive way of thinking and the energy of combined strengths in their cooperation. Our only concern was finding flowers at the place of the Megalithic tombs that we had in mind.

We were highly surprised when we saw at arrival that around the Megalithic tombs the honeysuckle bloomed. This was really not seen a day earlier by 5 persons. During preparation appeared St. Germain, he showed himself as Merlin who made the law of life clear and the manifestation hereof. Moreover a Mammoth appeared. With all the Energies we make also animals appear, this time I mention it because it’s an animal from another era. It seemed if it wanted to show us the evolution process goes on in all eras. In Inner Source we prepared along the Honeysuckle and Chrysocolla Stones. Chrysocolla brings closer to feelings like calmness, goodness and tolerance. It stimulates the sensibility and strenghtens the intuition.

  1. Inner Source activates a connection with the inner Source, the Earth and the Cosmos. It supports the natural talent to manage people without placing too great demands on oneself. Inner Source creates a inner feeling of relief, a form of enlightening, because this resonance protects against helping to quickly out of own initiative, or say yes to help questions.

It creates space, so that one can let go of children, loved-ones or friends, out of a love-energy and a deeper insight, knowing that these have to work out their own life lessons and that this stimulates their own development. St. Germain activates the contact with the inner source, the feeling, inner knowledge and the intuition. He stimulates, so that one can remember again old hidden knowledge of Divine quality, that’s filed in the cell core. His energy learns to have faith in the instinct and his higher intelligence and to use these for sensing situations and personalities. He lets understand that everybody is equal, that we’re all souls with the same ultimate goal. He gives the strength to devote qualities, support and belief in and for humanity to a Higher plan. He helps to support projects with New Age children that devote themselves to social changes, human rights, brotherhood, the importance of animal kingdom, Mother Earth and the Universe.

Children and adolescents are being supported to dare to trust their own intuition and knowledge, so that they can survive well earth-bonded in this world. For example: a child refuses to eat meat because the intuition indicates this. If parents say out of love and not knowing any better that meat is healthy, the child will listen to the parents but become confused concerning his own intuition and knowledge! After embedding the Whale Matrix- and Christ consciousness chakras are being activated. 

Introduction 48, Purity of Soul

During preparation of this remedy, Orion and the Pleiades were in the east of The Netherlands. The full moon in Pisces, the symbol: there is no way back, continue in unity! The position of the moon activated insight in how a person experienced his childhood. Insight in the dependent and susceptible creature on which the external influences affect. Influences which were necessary to develop the conscious.

The high frequenties activate a purifying that creates the necessary space to be alble to communicate out of his inner voice with the will of the Source, so that the Higher Self can experience again his connection with his Divine origin. Supportive Jesus and Mohammed were present, both prophets, who stimulated humanity to surrender to our Creator. They showed that they were 1 energy! In Purity of Soul we prepared along Pumpkin flowers and Carneool. Carneool accelerates developments and rouses the creative power. It will let us fulfill our tasks more active and with joy and full cooperation.

  1. Purity of Soul can be used when one already has refined traumatic experiences, because this Energy is able to purify on a high level, karmic ballast that was taken along to Earth. The frequenties of Mohammed and Jesus activate an energy flow of purifying and developing till in the deepest celcore. There can develop a alchemic reaction, which can cause nausea and/or heat attacks. I know also from practical experiences that there can be images from traumatic experiences in past lives. These transforming side effects are placed in the more conscious thinking, by a Higher Intelligence. This new way of thinking restructures the brain structure and connects the chakras mutual. Their energy creates the possibility to anchor qualities from the Divine Self. One feels, after a while, free in the existance level, the inner child experiences emotions without looking back.

Finally draining energy channels have to be lesser activated. The need to eat meat disappears, one becomes aware of the Soul level of animals. With some the urge to have food diminishes and sometimes even disappears. They call this the Ascension process, which we collective go through to finally share our planet without fears and in unity. One comes to realize that one has creative powers, that one can control lower and higher thoughts.

Purity of Soul is very suitable for Children and adolescents, Indigo-, Star- and Crystalline children, to support them with the difficult process where they came for: to break of old embedded structures here on Earth, and to open our insight to the path of entire being, the Christ consciousness. It strengthens their inner deep power and keeps them in balance during changing circumstances. A reaction of those children may be drinking a lot and more often urinate. After embedding the Earth Heart Crystal- and Central Sun chakras are being activated.

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