The following information on the Cosmic&Flower Remedies is brief. You'll find detailed information on for instance the effects a remedy has on the physical and etheric body in the accompanying BOX.

We present you the energies we were able to record in the Cosmic&Flower Remedies with love and gratitude.
We have faith in the fact that anybody who works with the Cosmic&Flower Remedies will experience the healing and transforming blessing of the resonating frequences, and pass this on to those who ask for help in confidence and for transformation and healing in hope. Below you'll find a brief description of the 4 boxes each containing twelve 10 ml. dropglass bottles of Stock You use these bottles to make doses. And from the Deva Rescue Remedy:

In light and love, Donny Sternfeld


Box I Oak t/m Devotion
    Cosmic&Flower Energies
Box II Eclipse 2002 t/m Star Gate
    Cosmic&Flower Energies
Box III Purple Ray t/m Yellow Ray
    Cosmic&Flower Energies
Box IV Lunar t/m Purity of Soul
    Cosmic&Flower Energies
Trauma Away

Distribution of the Cosmic&Flower Remedies:

The Cosmic&Flower Remedies are available from VSM Special Remedies.

One of ‘Special Remedies' missions is to market products and therapy concepts, which have an innovative effect on therapeutic treatment by means of natural remedies that stimulate self-healing power.

Cosmic&Flower Remedies you can order at:

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De Krommert 12a, 1851 ZE Heilo
Website: Hahnemann Email:
Tel. +31 (0)72 5325373

BOX I, BOX II, BOX III and BOX IV   €133.33 € inclusief 6% VAT

LOOSE STOCKS  €14.44 incl. 6% VAT

10 % off when buying at a workshop or at Hahnemann

Trauma Away: € 14.44 incl. 6% VAT